Business Scale and SEO Quality

So you’ve been monitoring your business activity,
profits and losses and came to the conclusion that to fix at least one of the
problems you have is to apply this SEO (search engine optimization) thing
you’ve heard of.
  You have decided that
you want to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  You want to be on page one of the SERPs
because you understand the benefits; more traffic to your site(s)!

Excellent!  So
you move forward to track down a local SEO company to provide the service for
  That’s another good move since you
need to know what you’re doing so that you do not damage your site or your
site’s chance to rank prominently in the SERPs.
Anyway, you have confidence in the SEO consultant and decide to hire
  Now, you feel you can just sit
back, let the expert do his/her thing and you’ll see a significant increase in
traffic to your website.
  If you hire the
right company that will certainly be the case; impromptu external
changes notwithstanding.

However, that may not be all that is necessary for you
to increase your sales.
  Ranking in the
SERPs and having
website traffic
to your site, however beneficial, is not the be all and end
  That is but one component of the larger
business success picture made up of other equally if not more important

For now, let’s assume you have all of the other
obvious factors in place.
  One aspect
that is often overlooked by people in their zeal to make big bucks is scale;
scale of operation.
  The question you
have to ask yourself is whether or not your business is equipped to handle the
predicted increase in customers provided by your SEO consultant.

Remember that the numbers provided to you were
estimates, based on a good information source, but estimates nonetheless.
  The actual numbers realized could be lower or
they could be higher.
  Most often the
real numbers are higher.
  What are you
going to do when all those additional customers start to roll in?
  If your business is not set up to handle the
influx you are doing a disservice to your customers and yourself.
  The result will be customers lost at the
forefront or at the after-sales point because of poor quality of service;
  Then you’ve lost a customer and
all of their referrals!

There is a risk for sure.  You’re thinking that you’re venturing into
new territory and what if this SEO company doesn’t deliver?
  Then you’re stuck and have lost money
preparing for what you considered an eventuality that never happened.
  Well, you as a business person know there are
  Find a way to limit your exposure
and plan for the increase when it happens so as to limit any negative impacts
on your customers.
  You will need to
monitor your metrics closely and scale up accordingly.

There are no guarantees but one.  If you don’t have a plan in place you will
most certainly fail!
  Don’t assume that
your consultant is your saviour.
can be an asset. However, there is still work in other areas that you need to
ensure gets done; either by yourself or by outsourcing to your consultant or

Be diligent!  If
you’re looking to promote your business in Ottawa using SEO then visit us at

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