Customized SEO Services and Pricing

I’m thinking this is going to be a short post.

I know I have a different perspective when it comes to business; whether I am the buyer or the seller.  Right now I am specifically talking about the varying levels of service some problem solving companies offer.  I think I understand why companies have varying levels of service they offer.  They want to get you committed and then upsell you.  Perhaps I’m being too cynical.

Let’s put this in terms of search engine optimization since that is a topic in which I have recently become interested.  Of what value is a “Basic Plan” to anyone who wants SEO?  Presumably you need search engine optimization because you are not ranking high with the search engines.  I would find it hard to believe that a business would have all aspects of SEO properly applied with the exception of the basics.  Although, anything is possible.  The basics are needed for sure but, that alone will not get you to page 1.

Let me jump right to my point.  Imagine that your website is not ranking on page 1.  You’ve done your research and found that there’s more to ranking than just creating a website and having it hosted.  You figured out that you need an SEO strategy implemented for your site.  How would you expect to see someone correct your problem?  I think you’d be surprised if after all the investigation the solution was that, for example, all of the other on-page and off-page details have been properly addressed and only your content needed to be revised.  Anyway, I know I am over simplifying but perhaps this will spark some thought.

Back to the one-size-fits-all solution.  To fix the problem someone would have to (and this is not detailed or all inclusive):

  1. Define the problem;
  2. Determine your goals and expectations;
  3. Assess your current setup against your goals and expectations;
  4. Identify areas requiring corrective action;
  5. Develop corrective steps;
  6. Develop a strategy for implementing the corrective action that results in achievement of your goals and aligning with your expectations;
  7. Develop an implementation schedule; and
  8. Develop on-going steps to ensure your goals, once achieved, stay achieved.

Anyone can review the above eight steps and see that no two clients would have the same solution and, it’s not a matter of basic, intermediate or advance levels.  You either want to rank or you don’t.  The only packages I could see are the “Get my website on Page 1” level and the “Get me Multiple Listings on Page 1” level.  And, even with those levels, every business is different so one should not just throw out a dollar figure and say that that number will apply to everyone.

Beware, you typically get what you pay for.  Getting a deal will feel good in the short term but most likely you will not see long term results.  Perhaps I am unlucky but I have yet to experience $4000 results and quality for a $100 price!

If you are concerned about your money being wasted then perhaps suggest milestone or maybe progress payments to your SEO consultant.  Work will have to be done to fix or update your site to get it ranking.  Keep in mind SEO service providers are not charities and most SEO consultants want to do a good job and have a satisfied client for life.

I wish it were easy and straight forward.  You will get burned sometimes.  When you find the right service provider stick with them!  Find one that is genuinely there to help and support their clients and is not just out for the money grab.  People will talk the talk but not all will walk the talk!  Check us out on Twitter at


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